1. [PCMS 2022.3] Puik/Drainbow

  2. [PCMS 2022.2] Untitled Nite

  3. [PCMS 2022.1] Fading Light Above Us All

  4. [PCMS 2021.4] VOID 2
    Antanas Jasenka

  5. [PCMS 2021.3] But We’re All Busy With Our Schedules of Tomorrow

  6. [PCMS 2021.2] I Know Where the Vultures Live
    Nic TVG

  7. [PCMSV022 12"] Remixes III
    Various Artists

  8. [PCMSV021 12"] Underground Rave Hits for a Shuttered Club

  9. [ACGPCMS2020 12"] Neither Here nor There
    A Cosmic Gift and Nic TVG

  10. [PCMS060] The Art is Getting Older

  11. [PCMS 2020.4] Retrospective Mix '20

  12. [PCMS 2020.3] Unlovely Drum
    Takeshi Nakamura

  13. [PCMSNT012] In for June
    Nic TVG w ACG

  14. [PCMS 2020.1] Vector Space

  15. [PCMS059] The Small Things Matter II
    Various Artists

  16. [PCMS058] Mosquito

  17. [PCMS057] Happily Tired

  18. [PCMS056] Beginning with the Drums
    Greenleaf, RTP, Profane, 6Blocc, Jaskin

  19. [PCMSNT011] California
    Nic TVG

  20. [PCMS055] Subroutine

  21. [PCMS054] Off Topic
    Various Artists

  22. [PCMS053] A Newer Kind of Water

  23. [PCMS051/052] Guardian/Juju
    Profane, Shift

  24. [PCMS050] Remixes II
    Various Artists

  25. Ten Year Anniversary Mix

  26. [PCMSNT010] Still the Same
    Nic TVG

  27. [PCMS049] Illusionary World
    Sonar Waves

  28. [PCMS048] Remixes I
    Various Artists

  29. [PCMS047] Takeshi Nakamura
    Takeshi Nakamura

  30. [PCMS046] Tea of Sears
    Scale and Acid Lab

  31. [PCMS045] Capital-K

  32. [PCMS044] Extrusive Propagation
    Various Artists

  33. [PCMS043] Shreds

  34. [PCMSNT009] No Write Answers
    Nic TVG

  35. [PCMS042] Temnota
    Various Artists

  36. [PCMS041] Thursday

  37. [PCMSNT008] Putting a Glass Away
    Nic TVG

  38. [PCMS040] Scene

  39. [PCMS039] A Third Sun
    Various Artists

  40. [PCMS038] Form Without Lines
    Various Artists

  41. [PCMSNT007] Extras
    Nic TVG and Cordani

  42. [PCMS037] Grey Line

  43. [PCMSNT006] Sampling
    Nic TVG

  44. [PCMS036] The North Sea Intimate
    Maff Stenning

  45. [PCMS035] Cross Product
    Metro, Snaper, Dot Product, K-Chaos

  46. [PCMS034] Cut by 20

  47. [PCMSNT005] Drum Funk II
    Nic TVG

  48. [PCMS033] Obscure Energy

  49. [PCMS032] Through the Eyes

  50. [PCMS031] reinterpretations
    Icarus, Fushara, Indidjinous

  51. [PCMS030] Compulsion

  52. [PCMS029] Forward Motion

  53. [PCMS028] When Clocks Tell Time Backwards
    Macc, Shift, Psycho Mantis, Eschaton, K-Chaos, Asymmetric

  54. [PCMS027] The Painting Space Vol 4
    Metro, Snaper, Brijawi, Dot Product

  55. [PCMSNT004] Drum Funk I
    Nic TVG

  56. [PCMS026] Pop Musiq
    Liquid Break and Hidden Element

  57. [PCMS025] Reach Beyond

  58. [PCMS024] They Mostly Said Nice Things
    dgoHn, Macc, Nic TVG

  59. [PCMS023] Wind Up
    Ricky Force

  60. [PCMS022] The Small Things Matter I
    LXC, Parallel, Fada, Eschaton

  61. [PCMS021] Summit Remixes
    Takeshi Nakamura

  62. [PCMSEX005] Equinox and Indidjinous - Remixes
    Equinox, Indidjinous

  63. [PCMS020] Lou's Hat

  64. [PCMS019] Up the Stream

  65. [PCMSNT003] Lalala Pretzels
    Nic TVG

  66. [PCMSNT002] Custom Mixes
    Nic TVG

  67. [PCMS018] Frozen Inferno

  68. [PCMS017] Summit

  69. [PCMS016] Anomalous Fragments

  70. [PCMS015] Some Persons Change (Remixes)
    Nic TVG

  71. [PCMSCD007] Pinecone Moonshine DJ Mix 2012

  72. [PCMS014] Down the Sun
    Relapse, Greenleaf

  73. [PCMSNT001] She Looks for Ghosts
    Nic TVG

  74. [PCMS013] The Painting Space Vol 3

  75. [PCMS012] External Matter

  76. [PCMS011] The Painting Space Vol 2

  77. [PCMS010] Changing Colours of Sound

  78. [PCMS009] Sampling Sports
    Takeshi Nakamura

  79. [PCMSEX004] Paramatma

  80. [DBMPCMS002] Sense of Spring
    Eschaton and Jiva

  81. [DBMPCMS001] Stuck Behind the Software

  82. [PCMS008] Sanity & Soundness

  83. [PCMSEX003] Superstition

  84. [PCMS007] The Yellow Room

  85. [PCMSEX002] Three Related Tracks (and an Outro)
    Nic TVG

  86. [PCMSEX001] Ambroxide

  87. [PCMS006b] The Supreme Sprit of Decay

  88. [PCMS006a] One Year Anniversary Remix EP

  89. [PCMS005] The Painting Space Vol 1
    dgoHn, Ibunshi, Fushara, Fada

  90. [PCMS004] She Has Nicotine Under Her Nails
    TVG Hates TVG

  91. [PCMS003] Soul Cooper/Soundbwoy
    [NSF] Destroy2k

  92. [PCMS002] Rusted Instruments For Broken Hands/A Day Without Caffeine
    TVG Hates TVG

  93. [PCMS001] Wasting Away On a Seaweed Farm/These Ugly Thoughts
    TVG Hates TVG

  94. [PCMS] Artist Mix 03

  95. [PCMS] Artist Mix 02
    Takeshi Nakamura

  96. [PCMS] Artist Mix 01

  97. [PCMSV016 12"]
    Martsman, Dissident, Indidjinous and Madam Bliss

  98. [PCMSV014] and [PCMSV015] Vinyl Records

  99. [PCMSV012-A]
    Macc, Liquid Break and Hidden Element, Icarus, Snaper

  100. [PCMSV012-B]
    Greenleaf, Asymmetric

  101. [PCMSV011] LXC - LFAnt

  102. [PCMSV010] Journey In2 Madness - Da Sickness (Macc Remix)

  103. [PCMSV009] dgoHn & Nic TVG - They Mostly Said Nice Things

  104. [PCMSV008] Nic TVG - Some Persons Change (Equinox Remix)

  105. [PCMSV007] ASC - A Cosmic Rip / CJ Weaver - Dragonfly (Sub Remix)

  106. [PCMSV006] Relapse - Do the Crab / Ibunshi - Fluctuate

  107. [PCMSV004] Ibunshi & Indidjinous - Swamp Funk (Equinox Remix)

  108. [PCMSV003] Jiva - Paramatma (Fanu Remix)

  109. [PCMSV002] Sub - So Finster Die Nacht (Fracture's Astrophonica Remix)


Pinecone Moonshine Portland, Oregon

Run by Nic TVG, Pinecone Moonshine is a collection of Drumfunk (drum and bass) and other abstract and ambient music.

See the neocities link below for the demo policy.

Majority of the tracks are melancholy collages of noise, heavily processed samples, and atmospherics driven by broken break beats and heavy sub. Free jazz, early electronics, blues, and funk are noticeable influences.
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